Big Changes Coming

Todayte is making a major user interface update based on your feedback.

Please Take Our Free Stuff!

free stuff

Partner locations give you discounts on food and drinks.

We want you to get the most out of Todayte. Our main purpose is to help you book fulfilling dates, doing things you prefer, without all the hot-or-not games, dumb chatting, and infuriating bots you find on other dating apps. But you can’t get the date you want if you don’t plan the date you want. So we have an idea!

How about this: you plan a date at a great Todayte partner location, and we give you a discount there. For free. For nothing. Just because. You don’t have to book the date. You don’t have to go on an actual date. You just have to *plan* the date at the partner location. Then you get free stuff! Sound good? How about an example?

20% off Cookie Dough Egg Rolls? Yes please.

20% off Cookie Dough Egg Rolls? Yes please.

You like Jackson’s in Hillsborough Village in Nashville. It’s a great place and you enjoy eating there. So you plan a date there for their amazing brunch Sunday at 11am. When you go there Sunday at 11am, you show your server the notification we sent you in the app and you get 20% off your food. That’s it. That simple. Even if your date doesn’t book. Even if you didn’t really want a date in the first place. Just because you planned the date on Todayte you get the discount. Eat your heart out Groupon.

As we add other great locations you’ll have more choices. You’ll see offers like discounts on your food or 2 for 1 drinks. But each partner location will give you some incentive to plan your date at their establishment. And here’s the best part; you might even get an actual date. At the place you picked. At the time you picked. And then you can enjoy the discount with someone new. We are a dating app after all.

So give it a try. Just open the app, tap “plan a date,” and as you’re building your date choose one of our partner locations. Drop in at the time you selected and enjoy some discounted food or drinks on us.

Partner locations are one more reason to use Todayte.

If you don't have the app already, now's the time to give us a try.

Explaining Flexible Dating

Flexible dates only take a minute to create and increase the chance that your date will be seen and accepted.

Just open the expanded menu and tap "Edit Flexible Date."

Just open the expanded menu and tap "Edit Flexible Date."

When Todayte launched, our idea was to change the way people get a date online. Instead of emphasizing excessive chatting and profile searching, we put the focus on finding and planning specific dates. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and the app has grown steadily since we launched just a few months ago. But one user complaint kept surfacing. You told us that it was frustrating seeing a date you liked but being unable to attend at that specific time. Moreover, date planners told us that they didn't always have a specific time they preferred. Rather, they wanted the chance to post a date and let another user suggest when they would like to attend.

We listened to the feedback and responded with flexible dates. While we still allow users to plan dates at specific times, now we also offer the option to have one flexible date on the app. You can build a date you'd love to go on, and post it without a day and time specified. This is known as a "flexible date." This date can be built and edited from the expanded menu under "Edit Flexible Date." When searching for dates, flexible dates show up at the end of the search results with the date and time identified as "flexible."

When a user accepts a flexible date, rather than being locked into a specific time identified by the poster, they can provide the date and time they would like to go on the date. This is communicated back to the user who created the date and he or she can book the date for that time or pass on the offer.

This new feature stays true to our core values while allowing users the opportunity to more easily book dates. Specific dates are still the best way to find a companion for a concert, sporting event, or just a time when you know you're be free and excited to get together. Flexible dates are perfect for the place you're always up for going when you find the right person and you agree on the right time.

If you haven't already, log into Todayte now and build your flexible date. Let us know what you think of this new addition to the app and look for more improvements and new features in the weeks to come.

Bitter Ball Photos!

Todayte added hundreds of new users from the Bitter Ball on February 10. Here are some pictures from the event.

Todayte Presents Bitter Ball 5

Todayte is proud to present the 5th annual Bitter Ball, Nashville's premier Valentine's Day singles party, at Tin Roof Midtown. We will be offering ticket discounts with for Todayte users and prize giveaways. 

A Great Night at Citizen

Thanks to everyone who made our first event in Nashville such a great success. Now that Todayte has launched in Music City, we will be planning more events in the near future and you can hear about them first by connecting with us on social media.

Nashville Launch Party at Citizen

Todayte's Nashville launch party is here! This Saturday from 8pm-Midnight, at Citizen next to Virago in the Gultch, we will be celebrating our launch with other Nashville area singles. There will be free drinks and a chance to learn what makes Todayte the smarter, simpler approach to online dating.

Todayte is Coming to Nashville Tennessee

We are excited to announce that Todayte is launching in Nashville, Tennessee on November 19, 2016. There will be a great party to celebrate the launch and we will be releasing details about that event shortly.

Win Vikings Tickets

Win Vikings Tickets

When you plan a date on the app during the NFL season, you’ll be entered to win 2 tickets to a Vikings game at US Bank stadium.

Win Tickets to the Autumn Brew Review

Plan a date on our app and be entered to win 2 tickets to the Autumn Brew Review this Saturday, September 17, in Northeast Minneapolis.

Free Drinks!

Our Featured Location program is launching soon. That means free drinks for anyone who plans a date on Todayte!

Join us at the Tangiers!

The Tangiers in Downtown Minneapolis

Todayte is sponsoring the Network After Work event at the Tangiers in downtown Minneapolis on Wednesday, August 17 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Come visit us at our table to learn more about our business or just to say hello. Co-founders Elliot and Josh will be at the table throughout the event.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Here are some further details about the event from Network After Work:

Unwind and socialize with hundreds of local professionals and entrepreneurs right after work on Wednesday, August 17th at The Tangiers (116 North 1st Avenue). You’ll make great connections in a fun and relaxed atmosphere while expanding your network of contacts to help fuel your own career or business goals.

A day at Dangerous Man Brewing

Yesterday we shot the first video to promote our app. It was a great day made more special by the wonderful cast and crew who came together to make it happen. The video should be out soon but in the mean time, here's a photo from the shoot at Dangerous Man Brewing in North East Minneapolis.

On set at Dangerous Man Brewing

On set at Dangerous Man Brewing

Todayte is coming to the Twin Cities

Todayte is coming to the Twin Cities

After a few years spent discussing our idea, and several months finally building the iOS app, Todayte is nearly ready to launch. We've chosen Minneapolis and St Paul as our launch cities because we live here, have family here, and understand what matters to this community. We believe that we have a great new approach to dating and we're confident that Minnesotans will eagerly support a local start-up.

Todayte is free to try and will be coming to the App Store shortly. At this time we do not have an Android app available (we're working as hard as we can), but we expect to have something in the Google Play Store soon.

We're excited to hear what everyone thinks of the app. Hopefully we can work together to make it exactly what you've been looking for in an online dating experience.