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Partner locations give you discounts on food and drinks.

We want you to get the most out of Todayte. Our main purpose is to help you book fulfilling dates, doing things you prefer, without all the hot-or-not games, dumb chatting, and infuriating bots you find on other dating apps. But you can’t get the date you want if you don’t plan the date you want. So we have an idea!

How about this: you plan a date at a great Todayte partner location, and we give you a discount there. For free. For nothing. Just because. You don’t have to book the date. You don’t have to go on an actual date. You just have to *plan* the date at the partner location. Then you get free stuff! Sound good? How about an example?

20% off Cookie Dough Egg Rolls? Yes please.

20% off Cookie Dough Egg Rolls? Yes please.

You like Jackson’s in Hillsborough Village in Nashville. It’s a great place and you enjoy eating there. So you plan a date there for their amazing brunch Sunday at 11am. When you go there Sunday at 11am, you show your server the notification we sent you in the app and you get 20% off your food. That’s it. That simple. Even if your date doesn’t book. Even if you didn’t really want a date in the first place. Just because you planned the date on Todayte you get the discount. Eat your heart out Groupon.

As we add other great locations you’ll have more choices. You’ll see offers like discounts on your food or 2 for 1 drinks. But each partner location will give you some incentive to plan your date at their establishment. And here’s the best part; you might even get an actual date. At the place you picked. At the time you picked. And then you can enjoy the discount with someone new. We are a dating app after all.

So give it a try. Just open the app, tap “plan a date,” and as you’re building your date choose one of our partner locations. Drop in at the time you selected and enjoy some discounted food or drinks on us.

Partner locations are one more reason to use Todayte.

If you don't have the app already, now's the time to give us a try.