What is the easiest way to Invite dates or Deny dates after hitting "Find a Date"

From the search results screen you can swipe left on any individual date to reveal the options invite or pass. Hitting pass will remove that date from your search results to make it easier for you to see only those dates that interest you.


How do I get a date on Todayte?

Either search for dates and send an “invite” to the ones that appeal to you, or plan a date and confirm when someone you prefer “invites” you.

What does “plan a date” mean?

This lets you plan an actual date you would like to go on. You choose a headline, location (public place), and a description of your date. You can choose a specific time or leave the time flexible for others to suggest.

If someone likes my date do I have to go with them?

No. When someone sends you and invite, you will be notified. You can see their profile and decide whether or not to confirm the date or pass. If you confirm, the date is booked. If you pass, the date stays active and other users can invite you.

When can I chat with other users?

Once a date is booked you can chat. That way you’re not wasting time. Chatting only happens if you have a date booked together.

What does “find a date” mean?

This allows you to search for dates others have posted. In the search results you will see the option to filter results at the top, right of your screen. From there you can make adjustments based on things like age and distance.

What information do I see when I “find a date”?

First you will see a list of available dates based on your filters. These are real dates at specific places like restaurants, bars, concerts, sporting events, movies, athletic centers and more. The list of available dates will show you one profile picture, a headline and location for each date. Some dates have specific times and some are flexible. When you tap on a date from the search results you will see all the pictures of the user, a description they’ve written, occupation and education info (if it’s on Facebook) and any Facebook friends you have in common.

What if I see a date I like?

If you’re interested in someone and the date they’re proposing, simply tap the green heart to invite the person on that date. If the date does not have a specific time assigned, you will be asked to offer a time for the date. If the person wants to go on the date with you, they will “confirm” the date and you will be notified and able to chat with them within the app.

What is a flexible date?

A flexible date is something you plan without assigning a specific time. Choose a place and activity that you would commonly be excited about. It allows us to get you in front of the most possible matches without restricting your options to one specific time. When someone likes your flexible date, they will propose a time and you can decide if that works for you.

If I have a flexible date, do I still need to use the “Plan a date” feature?

Yes. You can still plan specific dates (like concerts, sporting events, movies etc). We encourage you to use the “plan a date” feature often. If someone likes your date you’re not obligated to go unless you confirm. Planning multiple dates gives you the best possible chance to get a date that’s convenient and comfortable for you.

How do I edit my profile?

You can edit your profile from the “edit profile” tab in the expanded menu found on the home screen. You can also use the “edit flexible date” tab to change your flexible date.

What if I don’t like a picture on my profile?

Tapping on a picture gives you the option to replace it with another image from Facebook or your cameral roll.

Is Todayte free?

Todayte is free for planning dates and searching for dates. However, to ensure that people are serious about the dates they confirm, and to improve the quality of the experience, the person confirming the date has to pay a small fee. That fee is paid with “Keys” which can be purchased in the Key Shop. We use Apple’s in-app payment system so you can buy keys with confidence and without sharing any financial information with us. Everyone gets enough keys to go on their first date for free.

What is the “Key Shop”

The key shop is where you can add keys to your account. Keys are used to confirm dates. We use Apple’s in-app payment system so you can buy keys with confidence and without sharing any financial information with us.

How do I know my date will show up?

With Todayte, you’ve agreed upon location, time and activity before you were matched. Hopefully that increases the likelihood of success. But we understand situations arise that prevent people from following through. You are connected with your date via chat, and we encourage you to share any potential challenges related to attendance or punctuality. Todayte will also send you reminders and updates to ensure that you don’t forget to attend your date.

How do I delete my account?

A this time, the way to delete your account is by tapping on the “Contact Us” tab in the expanded menu from the home screen and sending a message that you’d like your account deleted.