Todayte is Different

Most dating apps inundate you with endless profiles. Todayte displays actual date opportunities. Some users will prefer to search dates rather than planning them. Those users will only be visible to you if they accept a date that you've planned. The key to enjoying Todayte isn't to look for other users, but to plan dates that you'd like to go on, or search for dates at a time that's convenient for you.

home screen

Home Screen

A unique starting point. Do you want to plan a date for others to accept? Or would you prefer to search for a date at a time that's convenient for you? The choice is yours.

search for dates

Search Results

If you search for dates, you'll be taken to a lists of dates meeting your criteria. You can tap on each date to learn more about the planner and accept or keep looking. 

plan a date

Date Planning

Just pick a title, description and a location. (No private residences.) Next we'll ask you for a time and date. Then you're done. Just wait for someone to accept. It's that easy.